Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Artwork of Master Ceramicist Homer Brown: An Exquisite Tribute to Black Women

I am in awe of the artistry of master ceramicist Homer Brown. This talented native of Jamaica is a humble and pleasant soul who creates the most stunning pieces that evoke not only the beauty of Black women, but the most detailed and loving depictions of the African spirit.

Art is not my area of expertise, yet I have been fixated on the images and emotions that just looking at the Homer Brown Collection evokes. While I can appreciate talent in many genres, and recognize the blessing that individuals have when it comes to building and crafting unique items...I do believe that Homer Brown has something special.

His signature sculptures are affectionately known as "Bumpy Heads," as distributed and celebrated in his hometown of Ocho Rios on the island of Jamaica where the works were originally inspired over ten years ago. A self-trained artist who has worked for various establishments in Jamaica and mentored with some of the best potters and visionaries, Homer has now taken his message of self-love and the celebration of black beauty internationally.

Last month at Toronto's DW Alexander, the Homer Brown Collection had a special showcase where the public was able to view the pieces that make up his latest collection, along with celebrate the launch of his website Since then, the unique vases, paintings, and sculptures have been available for purchase and the impact thus far has been positive, and some might say long overdue.

Like many talented artists--confined by geography or oftentimes opportunity--Homer Brown has already established himself as an innovator in his field. His artwork leaves an impression. His structures are memorable. Anyone who has seen the fruits of his passion and years of skills training can see that he has something extraordinary. Something spiritual. Something praiseworthy.

Central to the collection of items is an evident love and admiration for African-Diasporic woman. From the hair texture, to the facial features, the carefully painted skin tones, and other culturally stimulating details, these pieces are an obvious token of respect and tribute to the Black woman, her strength, power, and beauty.

The BGroup of Jamaican Pottery noted that: "Homer is a sensitive and romantic individual. He has an exceptional insight into life. This is reflected in the wide spectrum of his subjects which range from classic African figures, to vivid flora and fauna, to large intense sculptural pieces with man and nature entwined. Homer's love of his work and personal high standards shows through in his art. The amount of detail that is presented makes his images lift from the surface of their clay canvas."

I applaud and revere this artist, not only because of his Jamaican heritage and obvious talent, but because his pieces are consistent with his persona; his observations and translations of nature, humans, and their breathtaking 3D textures are uplifting and exquisite.

Whenever someone as special as Homer Brown crosses our paths, I believe it is our duty to not only celebrate his artistry, but also to help communicate his powerful messages of self-love, African appreciation, and natural beauty. I wish him continued success as his website gains viewership and momentum internationally, and will continue to encourage the consumption of his creations, so art lovers and cultural connoisseurs can continue to take home a piece of this legacy.

All of Homer's current pieces are available through the newly launched website: HOMERBROWN.COM. His artwork is also on display on the Homer Brown Collection Instagram page, as well as his Facebook page Homer Arts.

View video of the Homer Brown Collection (please note that some of these one-of-a-kind pieces are no longer available). For an updated view of available items, visit the artist's website:

It will be a joy to see what comes next for this genuine talented, as he continues to expand his market and inspire his audiences with a small piece of this inspiring Collection. Wishing him all the best!




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