Tuesday, August 21, 2012

So Over BBM

Ok, so in February of this year I may or may not have written an extensive blog about BBM culture and why it’s taken over the world, and should be a potential subject for collegiate study. I think it’s safe to say that I wasn’t the only one caught up heavily in the essence of BBM-ness. Funny pictures. “Inside joke” statuses. Oh, what wonderfulness and joy BBM once brought to the masses. Oh, the good old days.

But I am 110% over it. While mere months ago I swore by BlackBerry and this fantastic method of staying in touch and fass-ing in other people’s business around the clock…I am officially not interested in BBM anymore. Here’s why.

1) The damn BlackBerry itself is such a nuisance. OK, so it has buttons. I like the fact that it has buttons, but other than that, this dyam phone is faulty, freezy, and if I have to pull out that battery one more time on the road just to be able to free up some bandwidth, I swear…

2) BBM is borderline intrusive at times. People can see when you wake up, estimate when you go to bed, come home from the club, etc. Nothing wrong with changing up the pics though. It can be fun. We all do it. I dig it. But it’s what BBM-ers do with this information that is nuts. Because if you change your picture/status, they assume you’re awake or active or in the mood to chat. If you update your interest-of-the-moment, they use it as a spring board for discussion. If you show them where you’re at, they are all of a sudden upinnayourbusiness. You know how many people have to contemplate putting up a picture or status, because of that ONE BBM-er that they don't want to know wha gwan? Annoying.

OK, forget the list...because even the writing of this BBM blog will potentially inadvertenly offend one of my BBM compadres who may fear they have committed one of the many BBM crimes I am about to mention. So I'll just keep it real generic.

Just say you're out having a good old time and genuinely take a nice picture and want to put it up, you’re also opening up a world of nosiness or potential disappointment on other levels. Why weren’t they invited? Who are you with? How come you’re gone out when you’re supposed to be A) Not feeling well... B) Tired... C) Any other reason you may or may not have mentioned.

Hold on…is it just me? Do I have a problem with BBM, or do I just have a problem with Social Media right now? Because what was once fun and tech-savvy and cutting edge is now annoying, intrusive, and a chore. Yes, a chore. Just like Facebook, and Twitter, and the 101 other outlets (that I use daily, by the way). A promotional and business neccessity...but a personal headache.

Even the previously-entertaining icons aren’t cute anymore. The LOL-ing isn’t funny (was it ever?). The etiquette is gone out the window. The “D” delivered to “R” received isn’t even a freakin issue. Yeah, I read your message and I’m not responding…AND?!

For real doe. I’m ready to just go back to texting people like the good old days. Read it if you want. Answer if you want. And no one has to know what you’re wearing or who you’re with when you do it. Back to basics! Basics like the Nokia. Basics like the Vista. Where you had a sliver of control still over your phone communication!

So the very essence of the BlackBerry is going to be the very factor that destroys its appeal in my eyes. The beloved BBM has become the bloodclot BBM, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who sometimes wishes it would just go away.

I feel no way about deleting people from BBM on a whim now. If you don’t communicate with me ever…then it’s not really a necessity, right? If you only send me broadcasts, and aren’t likely to communicate with me outside of the promotion…then what’s the point, ya know? Real talk.

Am I bitter? Yes! Because I’m slowly and surely contemplating crossing over to Mac world, getting in line at the Apple store (which has been compared to a “Stone Love dance” by my DJ bredren…always ram!) and just getting a damn iPhone already. You ever hear an iPhone user complain about anything? EVER? Of course not. They are satisfied.

The bottom line is...it’s due time to end this BlackBerry relationship, and move onto a situation with some stability and peace of mind. It’s wack! It’s faulty!

So sorry “Team BlackBerry”…but it’s almost time for me to jump ship. If it wasn’t for the damn contract obligations at Cell Phone Company X, I would have gone FROM TIME! So I’ll tolerate you for now. I’ll keep the peace. I’ll smile, be cordial, and I won’t cause any problems if you don’t. But I swear. The day that contract is up, I’m bouncing, and I won’t look back.

It’s time to move on. Blame the BBM. That was the last straw.


  1. Thank You! Someone had to say what we are all thinking :)