Monday, August 20, 2012

Rihanna's Oprah Interview ~ Entertainment Gold

Ooh boy, that Rihanna interview on Oprah’s Next Chapter was entertainment gold! A good night of television, to say the least! So interesting on so many levels.

I can’t lie: I like Rihanna. I like her music, I’ve seen her live and I think she’s a great performer. I have a couple of her albums. I think her videos are always appealing. Her career has been on a constant incline, and her image, her style, and her persona are the prototypes of pop perfection. She’s beautiful. I like her voice. Rihanna is undoubtedly, a star.

Sooooooo to see her get up close and personal with Oprah last night was fascinating, only because I think it’s the first time she’s been this raw…and maybe even this natural. While I would consider myself a “fan” of hers, I’m not on the super “Navy” fan level where I like, read her articles and watch her interviews. If I catch it I catch it, but I don’t know much more about her than the average listener/viewer.

That being said, I knew that come Sunday, August 19, I would find myself on the couch at 9:00pm sharp to catch the interview, because I just LOVE the unfolding of these dramatic media plots. Undercover relationship turned into domestic crime turned into watch-and-wait turned into…another bomb dropping.

She still loves the brother! Juicy shit. And the entertainment news discussion this week will be off the chains, I’m sure.

My thoughts? 99% who cares…and 1% OMG! I can’t believe she just admitted that still loves Chris Brown! Bumbo. Clot. What’s that all about?!

I guess my perspective on their situation this entire time has been that they were both young, both in love, both multi-millionaires, and both somewhat entitled to go off the deep end at some point in their blossoming lives because of the sheer magnitude and craziness of their industry and related circumstances. It was almost inevitable. You can’t have that much sexiness, money, talent, fame, power, and hype, and no drama. Not in Hollywood, son.

So I really did hope that she didn’t go back to him, back in 2009 or 2010 when all the news was still fresh on the wire. I thought about the young fans, and the message it would send even to older abused women. The last thing you need is a reason to stay with someone who’s beating your ass. The last thing anyone needs is to see someone beautiful and rich and on top of the world…still staying with her abuser. So I was pleased to see that they allegedly kept their distance…at least away from the public eye.

HOWEVER…something told me that this story wasn’t done. Too much unsettled feelings, unanswered questions, and that Romeo and Juliet-esq feeling of knowing that they want to be together…but can’t.

And this is the essence of the media fanfare. People liked them together, and want to see them together again…you heard those hot lyrics on CakeCakeCakeCakeCakeCakeCake…! Hot ish! BUT as mature, rational adults (with adolescent fixations on pop stars, apparently), we knew that Chris and Rihanna were better off apart.

So now that she’s droppin’ these bombs on national TV and putting out there that she still loves the brother…things are about to tun up! Insert the next two months of entertainment news stories, Twitter analysis, and speculation.

My thoughts, though:

1) Chris Brown a idiot. Yeah he can dance his ass off. Yeah, the brother can sing. Yeah, he’s a cutie. But the boy is a fool. As talented as he is, he can’t articulate himself, and seems to still be a lil’ boy. Still needs to mature a bit. Still needs to grow up. So yeah, they made a cute couple “visually,” and I’m sure they were the best of friends…but other than two cute pictures of them hugging up in KFC, a couple great performances on music awards…I don’t really see his appeal as a “man.”

2) Little girls and big girls alike do NOT need to see a public figure seemingly forgiving and forgetting and running back into the arms of her abuser. As much as Rihanna may have understood and analyzed the situation…it is what it is. There is a bigger picture here, and the picture has millions of little girl eyes watching it. She needs to take one for the team in this case (the team being woman-kind) and stay away from that relationship indefinitely. Yeah, her father…yeah, she learned about herself…blah blah blah. It is what it is. Not a good situation to return to, regardless of the personal growth and rationalization.

3) She may love him now, but in another 5 years when she’s pushing 30 and grows even more into herself, she’ll realize that the adolescent love affair does not necessarily make a life partner. Right now it probably still stings just because of the nature of the relationship…but in the long run, there is surely a better suited partner out there for her…without the ridiculous baggage.

4) Rihanna still needs to grow. Yes, at 24 you feel like 100% secure in your womanhood. You feel like you know it all, you’re in tune with your feelings, wants and needs. At that point, no one can talk to you. You know what you want, and you’re sure of this. I remember. I was there once…ten years ago. And what can I say now? What I thought I knew at 24, and what I thought was best for me at 24, and what I thought was great logic and advice and perspective toooooootally pales in comparison to what I’ve learned since then. So Rihanna did a noble media thing of confessing her feelings and keeping it real…I ain’t mad at her for that. BUT, she will eventually realize that these thoughts and stomach butterflies and concern for Mr. Brown will be but a distant memory one day. It’s not the end-all and be-all of her relationship life, even though it seems like she’s having a hard time moving on…emotionally.

5) She’s freaking RIHANNA. Yo! Pick and choose, sistren! Pick and CHOOSE! Any man she wants (OK, “except” for Chris Brown) can be hers. Like, move on, and move up. Someone stable. Someone mature. Someone to teach her things. Someone to guide her. Someone to build a legacy with. I know when it comes to matters of the heart, sometimes it’s hard to separate logic from passion…but damn. It don’t get much hotter than this chick. Black, white, athlete, businessman, entertainer…whoever. She’s in a rare but fortunate position that she can just say the name, and I’m pretty sure it’s as good as done. So TRUST ME…love or no love, with options like hers she should be able to soon overcome the love affair that was Breezy…and really step into her womanhood, with a real man. There are plenty of them out there, unmarried, and probably willing. Do I need to make a list? Cause trust me…I’ve got a list! And Chris don’t even come close to the top 20.

Thanks Oprah for the entertaining television. Will I watch Kelsey Grammar talk about cross-dressing and cocaine? Ummmmmm, definitely not. BUT, this one particular Rihanna interview was enough to keep me awake and writing on a Monday morning, and looking forward to watching E! News and Entertainment Tonight for the next two nights for the follow up.

Juicy stuff. I can’t lie.

Entertainment junkie,

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