Monday, August 29, 2011

MTV VMA 2011 Recap

I am an awards show junkie, I admit it. I love the fanfare, the following day's entertainment news buzz, and I love to see musicians try their best to put on a good show, out-shine one another, and out-perform even themselves year after year.

And while the Grammys, the American Music Awards, and maybe even the Billboard awards carry more clout and's always the MTV Video Music Awards that ends up being the most entertaining and dramatic.

Overall....meh! Not the greatest show, but entertaining nonetheless. It left me feeling like OK...the music industry is filled with beautiful, well-dressed people BUT the substance seemed to be lacking. And of course, it's MTV what do you expect right? But still...even the artists I really loved just seemed to be characters on this program, where the outfits, the antics, and the news kinda spoke louder than the lyrics and the music.

Kevin Hart: as the official non-host of the night, I think he was kinda wack. And he's a funny dude regularly, no doubt. But last night he was reaching...and I wasn't feeling his attempt at humour. Some of the little sketches were semi-laugh worthy...but overall, I think his presence was unnecessary.

Katy Perry & Russell Brand: for some reason, I think they were two of my favourites last night. I think Katy is adorable, and I really have enjoyed her music this year, particularly "Fireworks." She's pleasant, she can sing, and her career seems to have been on a steady incline...without her getting too in-your-face or annoying. As for Russell, I think his tribute to Amy Winehouse was great. He's usually too irritating to tolerate, but I actually didn't tune him out this time.

Beyonce: so she's pregnant. (Whoop-di-do???)...I mean, that's wonderful! Beyonce's a "machine" her husband Jay-Z told the media the other the timing of her pregnancy is really no surprise. Good for them. She works hard, she plays hard...and I guess she'll probably still keep the momentum going until she's ready to bring her baby into the world. Like Alicia Keys or Mariah, I don't think a lil pregnancy will slow Beyonce down one bit. Nice dramatic touch with the microphone-drop reveal though. Superstars do everything big! She completely stole the show with that.

Nicki Minaj: no, no, no. Enough is enough. You're eccentric. We get it. You're wild and crazzzzzy. We get it. But as someone commented on Twitter last night...someone better call her girls from Queens, or send her back to Trinidad for a couple months so she can get a reality check and relax herself. She looked like a hot mess and like she was trying too hard to be unique. Major fail.

Adele: what a pleasant woman. I have heard nothing but great things about her and her music, yet for some reason I still haven't fully explored her albums. After seeing her sombre and simple-yet-beautiful performance, I'm now motivated to pick up one of her CDs and see wha gwan.

Kanye & Jay-Z: likewise...I haven't yet listened to "Watch the Throne" but it's safe to say it's about time I check it out. Their performance was a bit weird. I guess their "presence" alone is enough. They walked out with a little fire and sparkle, and just kinda stood around from what I could see. The stage crasher kinda distracted everyone from what was going on, so truth be told...I can barely remember the song, or if I even like it. Again, I'm I need to pick up the album and get up to de times.

Amber & Wiz: weird couple. She's a beautiful girl, no doubt, but second time around...kinda starting to look like a you-know-what. Like what do you do? What is your purpose? A big butt and a smile look great on the red carpet...but what's her talent again? The celebrity "power couple" only works when both members of the team are pulling their this couple just looks like a downgrade for starters...and kinda irrelevant otherwise.

The Cast of Jersey Shore: entertaining on TV...not so entertaining outside of their show. They're almost a bit of an much as I love to watch Sammie and Ronnie n them regularly, I think they always seem to make a mockery of themselves in any other scenario outside of the natural habitat of their reality show. And enough with the tanning already...why are they all SO DARK!? Almost ridiculous!

Lady Gaga: I kinda figured she would go to the opposite extreme this time. I was thinking maybe just a real old classic Hollywood look, or something so completely "normal" that it wasn't even worth mentioning. I guess her Joe Calderone move was something to that effect. Staying in the same simple costume all night, and being completely out of character. Entertaining? Not really. Shocking? Not so much. Dramatic effect...definitely. People are talking, and really...what more could she ask for?

Britney: I don't mind Britney. She's definitely a pop star, I'll give her that. But if you're going to honour someone...HONOUR them! Having Gaga give a mock-introduction to her was almost disrespectful as one can be to "Britney." But still, they could have thrown in a little video montage, or had someone else give her a proper speech and introduction. And speaking of speeches...was she not allowed to give a real one? At least one without having Gaga-as-Joe breathing down her neck? Kinda weird.

Jessie J: I knew the "it's not about the money, money, money" song, but really never knew who sang it until yesterday. But this girl can sing! Fine she barely got any airtime, up there on her couch with her broken foot...but from what I did hear, she really does have a voice. I notice a lot of the British pop stars always have this hint of extra soul...and even a bit of reggae culture in their style and flavour. I look forward to seeing what she comes out with in the future.

Wayne: Hee, hee, hee. So strange, yet so cute. Love this guy's energy and confidence--who else could have put that on...and got away with it? Love how he had just taken over. I just think he might need some real guitar lessons because that "playing" was not fooling anyone.

Chris Brown: I can't lie. As much as I don't want to like Chris Brown ever...this kid is so dope. Every time he hits the stage it's a spectacle, and he never disappoints. He's floating around and landing back on his feet to dance so effortlessly, and I can't help but think that I HOPE this boy has his head right. He's a great singer (when he actually sings live, that is) and he's an amazing dancer. He has crazy stage presence and an obvious star quality...but sometimes he's a little on the irrational side in words and actions. Hopefully his team is strong, because it would be a shame to see him be nothing less than great, in the long run.

Paul Rudd: can't remember what he was doing there, but such a pleasant guy, lol.

So there goes another awards show, another evening of entertainment, and another week of post-show commentary, photos, and speculation.

I enjoy it, what can I say. The entertainment world continues to fascinate me, and rightfully so. Because these individuals are at the top of their game, and isn't that where we all want to be?

All the power to them!

To view a complete list of winners from the show, visit MTV here.

Written by Kya Publishing's Stacey Marie Robinson for the "Urban Toronto Tales" blog.

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