Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What Is Love?

With Valentine's Day passing, it's a question that many have asked, yet few have a concrete answer to.

Guest Blogger Cornel Vernon shares his perspective:


Will we ever know
When each individual has their own idea of how it should go?
A preconceived fantasy that only lives in the mind,
But when reality hits that dream unwinds.

Like a ball of string that gets caught on a nail,
Although it rolled like a snail,
The truth still prevailed.

The snag on the nail never let go of the string,
The ball has disappeared my heart starts to sting.

There's only a trail am I willing to go back?
To mend this string and face another attack?
My hurt has been broken into millions of pieces,
But I will pick them back up cause they're sweet like Reeses.

The string still remains,
It's tattered and stained never to be lifted but the path will be viewed again,
Not to follow but only to remember,
Life is four seasons,
And I'll be gone til November.

~Cornel Vernon (2010)

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