Saturday, August 8, 2009

Book Review: "A Rare Groove" by Sophia Shaw

[Fanning face...]

This book is HOT!

Written by Canadian author Sophia Shaw, "A Rare Groove" is a sexy and enticing love story about the vacation romance that sparks between Simone St. Claire and Maxwell Harper. The two meet while attending a wedding in Jamaica, and have an instant connection despite Simone's inevitable return to Atlanta, Georgia, and Maxwell's to Toronto, Ontario.

Without giving the story away, I can safely say that it doesn't disappoint. The drama is juicy, the romance is alluring, and the characters are likeable. Most importantly, the love story is accompanied by a tale of a family trying to reconnect and reestablish relationships after nearly a decade of silence, as well as a dangerous encounter sparked by a high-profile criminal investigation.

Succesful and strong, Simone is a portrait of a confident woman who is faced with the opportunity to be the official girlfriend of a professional athlete, but knows herself enough to not get caught up in the hype of Atlanta's Kevin Johnson. As the heroine of this tale, Simone is sweet, yet convincingly human as she is faced with the dilemna of following her heart and passion, or sticking to a traditional and secure plan when it comes to her future and romance.

The seductive Maxwell Harper makes a great love interest for Simone, possessing all of the physical traits to make any woman weak, yet having enough vulnerability to give his character depth and compassion.

While any romance could easily catch fire while on a tropical vacation, both Simone and Maxwell are surprised at just how strong their connection is, after only knowing one another for a short while. Sophia Shaw's descriptions are vivid, and characters are authentic, travelling through various locations to bring a love story that is raw, very sexy, and sure to entertain!

Can't wait to read her other books!

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