Friday, July 24, 2009

Review: Trixx "Mistrial" - Comedy Show

Trixx is hilarious.

There was something so authentically "Toronto" and so completely relevant about last night's performance at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts that had the packed house in hysterics, stomping their feet, running tears, and bussing shots all night long.

Canadian comedian Frankie "Trixx" Agyemang killed his first headlining performance, hosted by veteran comedian Jean Paul, and featuring up-and-comer Patrick Haye.

It made me think: when was the last time I laughed this uncontrollably? There was an era in the past where stand-up comedy was on a roll: Steve Harvey, D.L. Hughley, Katt Williams, Martin Lawrence...we have had a good amount of American comedians keeping us entertained over the years.

But then, as their success grew, they branched into television, movies, and the stand-up routines were less frequent. As a result, it seems like there's been a void in the stand-up world for a good minute now.

Do you remember how great it was when Dave Chappelle or Chris Rock released a new stand-up DVD? Or the first time you saw Eddie Murphy's "Raw" or "Delirious"...times when you laughed so hard it hurt, and you couldn't think of anything remotely negative as the words and stories of the comedian entertained you?

Well, last night I got that feeling back. The feeling I used to get from Dave, from Chris, from Eddie, and the countless other comedians we've grown to know and love. I laughed until my throat hurt. I laughed until tears ran from my eyes. I listened to the build-up of each plot, and eagerly anticipated the punchlines, knowing that they wouldn't disappoint.

I felt great! It was the kind of joy that had people standing out of their seats, stomping their feet and giggling non-stop...even during the pauses. Even based on his gestures and actions alone! The vibe in the theatre was so great that there was barely a moment of silence without someone chuckling or doubled-over as they laughed.

There is something great about hearing stories, songs, (or reading books!) that are authentically a representation of you--of your city, your language, your experiences, and your environment.

Trixx told tales that we could all relate to: stories about Canada's Wonderland, old-school Nintendo games, dominoe games, and what it's like for females being approached in the club by his African-stereotype "Kofi."

In one of the most timely and endearing moments of the night, he gave a play-by-play of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video, pointing out the nuances that he noticed in his adulthood...that he didn't catch when he was a child.

That is what made the show so special. Trixx IS the voice of Toronto, the voice of our generation; he is a familiar yet unbelievably fresh voice with an interpretation on life that is beyond hilarious.

Along with fellow Canadian comedians Jean Paul, Marc Trinidad, Jay Martin, and of course Russell Peters, Trixx deserves our utmost support as his reach expands, and his good vibes are passed on.

He's definitely a talented guy, and I definitely look forward to seeing this guy blow up. It's inevitable.

Stacey with Jean Paul (top) and Patrick Hayes (bottom)...

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