Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson Memorial Service


It's been about 24 hours since I watched the Michael Jackson Memorial Service live (via and I still feel inspired, and saddened by the events.

What sticks out to me most is the unbelievable power of music! To hear the beauty of Stevie Wonder's voice, to witness the strength and purity of Jennifer Hudson's see Mariah Carey fight back her tears as she sang, John Mayer's humble dedication, and the other great performances moved me beyond words.

What is your passion? Do you have something in your life that moves you to do better, feel better, think clearly, and generally motivate you? For me it's music, and yesterday I was easily reminded just how powerful it is. I was overwhelmed by the talent on display and by the sincere emotion the artists expressed through their performances.

My heart feels heavy for Michael Jackson, for the same reason as millions of others. His music was so powerful that it touched the lives of people everywhere. It's amazing how the right melody, the right beat, and the right performer can sustain the greatness of a song for decades. Every time I listen to "Billie Jean" and "Smooth Operator" I'm amazed at how GOOD the songs are. STILL.

And is it me, or do the MJ songs sounds a little bit sweeter over the past days since his death? It's like his music has taken on new life!

I can safely say that the majority of my creative energy usually comes from hearing a good song, checking out a live show or even hearing DJs mix and create at a club. There is something about the strength of music that I just couldn't live without.

Thank you Michael for being one of the strongest, the greatest, and the most powerful musical influences in my life.

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