Thursday, February 26, 2009

Your feedback on VIDEO LIGHT the novel


My novel VIDEO LIGHT was released to the public in August 2008 at the Irie Music Festival at Nathan's Phillips Square and shortly after in September 2008 at the Word on the Street Book & Magazine Festival at Queen's Park. In June 2009 I participated in the Knowledge Fest at Knowledge Bookstore, and July 2009 the AfroFest at Queen's Park.

I have been fortunate enough to have the support of vendors in the community who have graciously allowed me to sell VIDEO LIGHT through their outlets. VIDEO LIGHT is currently on sale at:

Knowledge Bookstore (Brampton)

A Different Booklist (Bathurst/Bloor)

2 Lined Music Hut (Malvern Town Centre)

Treajah Isle Records (Eglinton Ave W)

Nicey's Food Mart (VP/Finch)

Flava Music (Pickering Flea Market, Aisle G)

Spinner's Choice (VP/Finch & Jane/Finch)

Reader feedback so far has been great...I welcome you to share your opinions with me, and to encourage your friends and co-workers to take a look at this book. The experiences of "urban" Canadians need to be celebrated and validated, and I hope you will find that VIDEO LIGHT is a true reflection of every day life, love and music in the city of Toronto!

So tell me...what did you think of VIDEO LIGHT...please enter your thoughts in the comment section!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. I read the book in like two days because I really liked the story and wanted to know what would happen with the two of them! I really enjoyed reading it because so many of the places mentioned in the book were places I’ve been to and know of, and I could relate to the life of the characters also. I think it was very well written, and it definitely kept my interest the whole time.

    Nilou, Toronto

  2. I enjoyed this book as a piece of Canadiana that we rarely encounter. As a second-generation West-Indian Canadian, I found the characters to be familiar, as were the various settings and cultural references.
    I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for either some vicarious experience of the Toronto Reggae scene, or for someone who knows it intimately. Very entertaining read! You really get to know Delia and Ryan.

  3. I give heads up to the writer. I was off work sick and decided to start reading Videolights and I did not put the book down until I was finished reading it about 4 am the next morning. The book captured my imagination seeing I was a disco queen in my younger years, I can relate to the whole story. I will definitely introduce this book to everyone. CJC, Toronto

  4. I really enjoy this book because of a few reasons,one it gets your attention from the start because you are familiar with the area that is being talked about in the book and secondly growing up in the toronto life style and party scence you can differnately relate to what you were reading.And we can all put ourself in the same situation as Ryan & Deliah or no of someone in their postion .Very good story line true to life story, will done my sister. Will recommend this book to friends.APS Toronto

  5. Big Up!!!

    I read the book and why do I feel like I know both Ryan and Delia!? lol ...'Bout time our Toronto Tales get heard.

    Keep on, keepin' on!!

    Linkage D'Garvey!

  6. I enjoyed "Video Light", and I love how the author crafted a story that was engaging without being clich├ęd. As I was reading the book, I felt like I could visualize everything that was happening. The author has a gift for bringing the characters to life. The book had rich storytelling, and the characters had such depth, which is so important and refreshing as compared to the one-dimensional stereotypes elsewhere in the media. I would recommend this book to ANYONE who wants an enjoyable book to read!!

  7. Stacey,

    As I told you, I really enjoyed the depth & perspective you brought to the book. It was a gritty, but ultimately sweet urban tale that I can see on a BET Blackbuster Movie Special one day!

    Great wok & continued success.

    The Strick-Tator!

    Will Strickland
    UMAC, The Urban Music Association of Canada
    Toronto, Ontario M5V 1M9

  8. I really enjoyed reading this book. The wait was definitely worth it. As soon as i got it , i started reading and didn't put it down till the next day. The story is easy to relate to. I am from Dc but i could definitely picture all the scenes and everything. from beginning to end, it's almost like theater of the mind. I think Videolight could even be used 4 a short film accompanied with a reggae/dancehall soundtrack to match the overall vibe. the book also brings up interesting topics as far as growing up in a urban setting, everyday life decisions,family issues, patience with your significant other, knowledge of self, living life with a purpose, planning your future, and the list goes on...
    Definitely go cop it and read it!!!!
    ( The book may be about you or someone you know )


  9. Stacey your book is FIYAH!! I started it late Monday night and was done before ten o'clock Tuesday night!! Don't even ask me what I did all day at work Tuesday! LOL ;)

    On the real though, "Video Light" got me cravin' some more Urban Toronto Tales like Ryan Wright cravin' some Delia Chinn!!

    Well done!!!

    - Louis

  10. Hi Stacey,

    I read your book and it is, entertaining, well written, and the story line was a page turner..Keep up the great work, you need to share your vision and thoughts with the world.

    All the Best!

  11. Hey, I read Video Light in two days. I absolutely loved it. You captured urban Toronto living to the tee (T). I am waiting on the new one Request to Rewind.

    Take care,

  12. Hi Stacey,

    I loved your book "Video Light" I think it is an exceptionally well written story.

    I loved the main charcters you had in the story. After reading or during reading I should say, I began to really understand what you meant by it- "Video Light" being an "authentic toronto story". The places, the people, the music every aspect of it felt so familiar. Especially, since I have older siblings so when you mentioned the word "sketel" that just took me back to hearing my sister's and their friends have their girl talks growing up in the 90's.

    I can not wait to read the rest of your books, as I plan to order the other two.

    God Bless,