Jamaican-Canadian "Relationship Chat & Vibes" Creator Javaune Ledgister goes TikTok Viral Giving Advice

We invited Jamaican-Canadian content creator Javaune Ledgister to contribute to our Reflection & Reason blog, after viewing his viral content on the TikTok platform where he is known as @YGMTrillionz.

A series of posts offering relationship thoughts, perspectives, and advice have been featured on his social media platforms over the past few months, with many viral moments as he addresses issues of infidelity, relationship maintenance, and encourages a positive and progressive dialogue overall through his real-talk persona, patois-infused commentary, live chats, and straightforward interactions.

Javaune has founded the RCV Podcast, and has also entered the YouTube platform with a range of his commentaries and videos, with The RCV Podcast YouTube channel.

Most importantly: his genuine approach and clean heart are evident. He's here to help. He's here to inspire. And he believes in love.

Javaune's first contribution as a Kya Publishing guest blogger is based on single motherhood.


Single mothers need love and respect as much as women without kids do.

I find that the majority of males in Toronto (the Greater Toronto Area) look down on females with kids, and it needs to stop because it’s the same men that get a lot of these females pregnant, and often walk away due to cowardice, a lack of morals, or just the simple fact that some just don’t want the responsibility of having to raise a child.

Most females that are single mothers did not get pregnant, go into a relationship, or get married with the intentions of being a single mom. 

Statistically, 8 out of every 10 men in Toronto would rather to not date a female with kids because of preference—which is OK, but mainly it’s because kids are a huge responsibility. The mother won’t have enough time or freedom for them, and the needs and wellbeing of the kids will always come first.

To clarify, the goal here is not to persuade you to date a single mom as there is nothing wrong with having a preference of who you want to date, but my goal is to change the narrative of how we view single mothers today in modern dating.

Most single mothers today are strong, loyal, resilient, hardworking, self-sacrificing, and persistent providers for their kids.

I will always use my mother as an example of the strong single mother described above, as she always says: “Mother’s baby; Daddy’s maybe.”

Mothers always do what they have to for their kids.

Written and formulated by: Javaune Ledgister


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