Kerra Denel's Caribbean Women's Power Lunch, Supporting and Encouraging Women in Business

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Inspiration manifests from many sources; in Kerra Denel's life it naturally emerged from her love of Caribbean culture and the humanitarian passion of her family's influence. Owner of Kerra Denel Entertainment, the Trinidadian-born beauty is a cultural ambassador of many talents, who shares her expertise internationally as an event and artist manager, PR consultant, voice talent, and entertainment host. This Saturday, May 19, 2018 Ms. Denel will be hosting an afternoon of enlightenment and empowerment at the Caribbean Women's Power Lunch, powered by KD Entertainment.

Taking place at 5941 Leslie Street in Toronto from 1 p.m to 4 p.m., the lunch will be an afternoon of "food and sisterhood" where attendees and invited special guests can "eat, build, and empower" one another through their experiences and presentations.

"Networking is not about collecting contacts, it is about forming relationships," the event outlines. "Just as the goal is not more money, it is about living life on your own terms."

Attendees are encouraged to come out to take part in the fellowship, as well as take in the words of wisdom from the featured presenters from a wide range of disciplines. The admirable women from across the Caribbean diaspora are sure to provide an abundance of advice, motivation, and upliftment for the affair.

Special guest presenters will include:

Nneka Elliott
Lifestyle Blogger, and Host

Author, and Life Coach

Hazel Smith
Business Operations Leader

Stachen Frederick
Non-Profit Executive Director and Consultant

Auntie Jillian
Social Media Personality

Ayanna Sealey
Mental Performance Coach and Net Practitioner

Stephanie Lowe
Health and Wealth Coach

Interactive events like the Caribbean Women's Power Lunch are necessary within the Caribbean community; the need for strength and mutual support is at the core of any social group, and helps to develop and maintain the cultural spirit.

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Inspired by women in business herself, Kerra recognizes that confidence is key in any endeavour, as well as the growth and evolution of individuals and the community as a whole.

She has been a successful cultural ambassador with her business profile continuously expanding through her activities here in Canada, and through her adventures in Caribbean culture around the world. An instrumentalist with the AfroPan steel pan orchestra, as well as a featured costume model in various masquerade band presentations across Toronto, Kerra has dedicated her life to celebrating her culture as well as equipping the next generation to do the same.

Whether it's through event coordination at Florida's Caribbean Style Week, her work with Krave the Band in Barbados, or acting as the Team Lead Manager for Trini Jungle Juice operations in Canada, Kerra has proven to be a talent, as well as a force with a clear and intentional mission: to support her Caribbean brothers and sisters, and to lead her peers by gracious example.

In addition, her non-profit organization Kerra Loves Kids aspires to "educate and inspire children worldwide while sharping their future one book at a time." Encouraging women to also develop and fuel their businesses--while supporting one another as sisters--is the foundation to Kerra's success, and a key factor in the future growth of the community at large. This weekend's Caribbean Women's Power Lunch is a natural addition to Kerra's schedule of activities, as well as a necessary and motivating event for the Caribbean women of Toronto.

Tickets for the lunch are available via EventBrite at for an afternoon that promises to be one that nurtures and leads the women in attendance with the knowledge and wisdom that will carry them through their daily professional pursuits.

For more information about the Caribbean Women's Power Lunch, connect with Kerra Denel online via her website at, or via email at

Written by Stacey Marie Robinson for Kya Publishing's "Urban Toronto Tales" blog.


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