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DECEMBER 29, 2022 // Police in schools have outsize effect on Black children, report says (Maya Brown) 

DECEMBER 08, 2022 // White teacher often talk about Black students in racially coded ways (Jonathan Kirn) 

DECEMBER 07, 2022 // To resolve youth violence, Canada must move beyond policing and (The Conversation)

DECEMBER 07, 2022 // University of Windsor introduces Black Studies Institute to open in, 2023 (CBC News) 

NOVEMBER 28, 2022 // Anti-Black racism in schools (The Morning Drive) 

FEBRUARY 25, 2022 // Ontario Supporting the Success of Black Students (Government of Ontario)

FEBRUARY 25, 2022 // Black educators work to fill in classroom narratives (Morgan Sharp)

FEBRUARY 25, 2022 // How Ontario students learn — and don’t learn — Black history (Genelle Levy)

FEBRUARY 25, 2022 // Alumni from Rotman's MBA program offer tips to empower the next generation of Black business leaders (Jessie Park) 

FEBRUARY 24, 2022 // Ontario Grade 12 student creates workshop to teach Black students self-care (John Lawless)

FEBRUARY 24, 2022 // Black History Month: The life and times of one of USask's first Black students (James Shewaga)

FEBRUARY 23, 2022 // Halifax’s non-profit PREP Academy helps black students excel in higher education (Tom Tidgewell)

FEBRUARY 23, 2022 // Calgary Black Chambers empowers high school students through mentorship program (Colleen Underwood)

FEBRUARY 23, 2022 // Dr. June Francis speaks on anti-Black racism in Canadian schools and universities (Yelin Gemma Lee)

FEBRUARY 21, 2022 // Three Black international students discuss joy, anti-Black racism in Canada (Jessie Schwalb)

FEBRUARY 19, 2022 // Why boosting Black students in STEM requires collecting data (CBC News)

FEBRUARY 18, 2022 // Nova Scotia students commemorate the black Loyalist who sailed to Sierra Leone in 1792 (Tom Tidgewell)

FEBRUARY 18, 2022 // Black History Month needs to focus on more joyful moments, Kitchener students say (CBC News)

FEBRUARY 18, 2022 // Pioneering cancer researcher encourages Black students to study sciences (CBC News)

FEBRUARY 17, 2022 // What signing the Scarbourough Charter means for Black student leaders in Carleton’s community (Dominique Gené)

FEBRUARY 17, 2022 // 'Makes me feel powerful': Curriculum highlighting province's Black heritage (Heather Senoran)

FEBRUARY 16, 2022 // SD 42 students mark Black History Month with activities, readings and information sessions (Priyank Ketkar)

FEBRUARY 16, 2022 // School projects focuses on prominent Black Canadians (Global News)

FEBRUARY 15, 2022 // She created a space for Black students and alumni to connect and support each other (Colin Harris)

FEBRUARY 15, 2022 // DSBN and TOES Niagara Create Mentorship Program for Black Youth (Linda Morgan)

FEBRUARY 14, 2022 // Calgary Catholic schools celebrate Black History Month with posters highlighting prolific Black Canadians (Lucie Edwardson)

FEBRUARY 14, 2022 // More mental health support needed for Black grad students (University of Calgary, Graduate Students' Association Staff)

FEBRUARY 13, 2022 // What Black excellence means for these Ottawa students (CBC News)

FEBRUARY 13, 2022 // Sportscaster celebrity Paul Jones one of York Region school board’s nominees as Black History Month continues (Dina Al-Shibeeb)

FEBRUARY 11, 2022 // The St. Pius X High School Black Students Association marks Black History Month (Dave Charbonneau)

FEBRUARY 10, 2022 // PEI Students to have new resource to study Black history (Julie Clow)

FEBRUARY 10, 2022 // A virtual program teaches students about Black Canadian History (CityNews)

FEBRUARY 9, 2022 // Canada's denial of study visas reveals possible systemic bias towards Africans (Tunde Omotoye)

FEBRUARY 9, 2022 // Clamouring for action’: How colleges and universities are tackling anti-Black racism (Ashley Okwuosa)

FEBRUARY 8, 2022 // Landmark donation made to northern medical school for BIPOC women (Ian Campbell)

FEBRUARY 7, 2022 // Black History Month: How Robert Sutherland saved Queen’s University (Megan King)

FEBRUARY 7 2022 // 'We’re missing brilliance out there': UBC medicine creates new admission stream for Black applicants (Hanna Hett)

FEBRUARY 6, 2022 // Black Teachers Association of Alberta offering programming to students (Global News)

FEBRUARY 4, 2022 // UBC students lead efforts to create a black library in Vancouver (Tom Tidgewell)

FEBRUARY 3, 2022 // Scarborough Charter advances SFU professor's goal of creating truly inclusive universities for Black students (Carlito Pablo)

FEBRUARY 3, 2022 // Scientist group working to elevate and inspire Black Canadians in STEM (Faiza Amin)

FEBRUARY 3, 2022 // Virtual conference draws Black scientists, inspires university students (Feleshia Chandler)

FEBRUARY 3, 2022 // Black History Month: The importance of representation and community building (Vivian Murungi)

FEBRUARY 3, 2022 // Providing 'a second home' for Black students at Seneca (Seneca News)

FEBRUARY 2, 2022 // ‘Stories of Black excellence’ missing from Canadian history: educators (Aya Al-Hakim)

FEBRUARY 2, 2022 // These Edmonton students are educating their peers about Black issues (Julia Wong)

FEBRUARY 2, 2022 // UBC marks Black History Month with success of new scholarship program for Black students (Tiffany Crawford)

FEBRUARY 1, 2022 / Free Virtual Media Training for Black Youth (CBC Communications)

FEBRUARY 1, 2022 // New scholarship program supports Black Canadian students at UBC (Thandi Fletcher)

FEBRUARY 1, 2022 // Scholarship for Black students launched at King’s School of Journalism by Global News (Karla Renić)

FEBRUARY 1, 2022 // This 22-year-old is out to give Black stories 'more light' with launch of history database in Hamilton (Desmond Brown)

FEBRUARY 1, 2022 // Black Teachers Association of Alberta hosts programming in support of Black History Month (Travis McEwan)

FEBRUARY 1, 2022 // Honouring Black History and creating meaningful change (University of Manitoba)

FEBRUARY 1, 2022 // Online program introduces students to Black Canadian history that's missing from school curriculum (Alan Small)

JANUARY 31, 2022 // Black History Month celebrates past and present at public schools in Milton, Oakville, Burlington (Jeffrey Allen)

JANUARY 31, 2022 // Celebrating Black History Month #HereAtSAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology)

JANUARY 31, 2022 // On Being a Black Woman and Student (Gordane Calloo)

JANUARY 30, 2022 // Revising the Canadian School Education of Black History (Simran Rattanpal)

JANUARY 28, 2022 // N.L.’s Memorial University apologizes for anti-Black racism after slur used in course (Sarah Smellie)

JANUARY 26, 2022 // Vancouver Aims to End School ‘Streaming.’ Will Black and Indigenous Students Benefit? (Katie Hyslop) 

JANUARY 26, 2022 // Dal's James R. Johnston Chair in Black Canadian Studies Celebrates 25 Years of Scholarly Impact (Matt Reeder)

JANUARY 24, 2022 // Saskatchewan Teacher not Waiting for Black history to be Added to the Curriculum (CBC News, The National)

JANUARY 24, 2022 // Bringing Black History into Prairie Classrooms (Omayra Issa)

JANUARY 24, 2022 // USask sponsors inaugural Canadian Black Scientists Network BE-STEMM Conference (University of Saskatchewan)

JANUARY 22, 2022 // When Drake is on Your Course Syllabus (Vjosa Isai)

JANUARY 21, 2022 // Ontario Recognizing Youth Working to End Racism with Lincoln M. Alexander Award (Government of Ontario)

JANUARY 17, 2022 // Student outlines icon's ties to Ontario on this Martin Luther King Jr. Day (CBC News)

JANUARY 17, 2022 // How this Canadian youth activist shared his ideas on equity to the UN (Caleigh Alleyne)

JANUARY 17, 2022 // Public school board plans to hire more grad coaches for racialized, LGBTQ groups (Jessica Owen)

JANUARY 16, 2022 // Opinion: More Black voices in research means better outcomes for everyone (Jasmin Akbari)

JANUARY 13, 2022 // 'Exciting' to see UWindsor launch anti-Black racism course, professor says (Jennifer La Grassa) 

JANUARY 12, 2022 // Silenced in the classroom: the invalidation of Black voices in social work (Breanna Phillip)

JANUARY 11, 2022 // SFU signs into the Scarborough Charter (Peak Web)

JANUARY 10, 2022 // Black Excellence Day aims to boost education, create unity in fight against racism (Janella Hamilton)

JANUARY 7, 2022 // Hamilton public school board investigating 'racial slurs' and 'disturbing images' in online class (Bobby Hristova)

JANUARY 5, 2022 //  How 2 students uncovered Antigonish's long-forgotten Black housing co-operative (Cassidy Chisholm)

JANUARY 4, 2022 // Black students at Mississauga and Brampton schools suspended at a much higher rate than their peers: report (Ryan Rumbolt)

DECEMBER 28, 2021 // 'I really had to make a change' says MUN student honoured for his anti-racism advocacy work (Jason Sheppard)

DECEMBER 28, 2021 // Black students will soon see themselves reflected in the CBE's cosmetology program (Lucie Edwardson)

DECEMBER 26, 2021 // 'I am the change': Chair of Newmarket African Caribbean Canadian Association a determined force for change (Lisa Queen)

DECEMBER 21, 2021 // Power at the university: Books that explore higher education as the rehearsal room for democracy (Simona Chiose)

DECEMBER 21, 2021 // New scholarship aims to support uOttawa’s Black and Indigenous student athletes (Tobin Ng)

DECEMBER 17, 2021 // Stikeman Elliott expands community partnerships in support of Black and Indigenous law students (S&E Services Limited Partnership)

DECEMBER 16, 2021 // Dal Embraces Black Studies Research with New University-Wide Institute (Matt Reeder)

DECEMBER 14, 2021 // CJF launches new Black Journalism Fellowship with Investigative Journalism Bureau (Canadian Journalism Foundation)

DECEMBER 13, 2021 // Raptors guard Fred VanVleet launches U of T scholarship for Black and Indigenous students (Evelyn Kwong)

DECEMBER 13, 2021 // 'Talk is not enough:' UWindsor Anti-Black Racism task force releases recommendations for school (CBC News) // Direct Link to Report

DECEMBER 11, 2021 // How Canada is Dismantling Anti-Black Racism in Schools (Tanitiã Munroe)

DECEMBER 10, 2021 // What do Black women need to help them graduate university? Ask a Black woman (Abel Rangel, Avery Stewart)

DECEMBER 9, 2021 // Cape Breton University celebrates creation of scholarships for African Nova Scotian students (Atlantic Briefs Desk)

DECEMBER 8, 2021 // Illustration of Black fetus has Canadian parents, educators calling for diversity in medical resources (Desmond Brown)

DECEMBER 8, 2021 // Announcing York University’s Action Plan on Black Inclusion (Rhonda Lenton, Sheila Cote-Meek)

NOVEMBER 26, 2021 // More universities to begin offering programs in Black Canadian studies (Erica Natividad)

NOVEMBER 22, 2021 // Toyota Canada Foundation Announces Scholarships for Black Students Pursuing Post-Secondary Education in Automotive Technology (Toyota Canada, Inc.)

NOVEMBER 22, 2021 // University of Guelph Introducing Black Canadian Studies program next year (Mike Hodges)

NOVEMBER 21, 2021 // Postsecondary institutions sign Scarborough Charter addressing Black inclusion (Libby Li)

NOVEMBER 18, 2021 // Canadian universities, colleges commit to fight anti-Black racism in schools (Maan Alhmidi)

NOVEMBER 15, 2021 // Black students in Hamilton detail experiences with racism, make 11 recommendations for change (CBC News)

OCTOBER 31, 2021 // Wave of Black studies programs at Canadian universities a long time coming, scholars say (Jenna Benchetrit)

AUGUST 31, 2021 // TDSB data show rapid reading improvement in Black elementary students during COVID-19 pandemic (Caroline Alphonso)

AUGUST 30, 2021 // Racial Segregation of Black Students in Canadian Schools (Natasha L. Henry) 

AUGUST 7, 2021 // Advocates in Toronto demand equity in education for Black students in Ontario (Muriel Draaisma) 

MAY 17, 2021 // Nelson Moves Conversation to Action: The Future of Education for Black Students (Nelson Education Ltd.)

APRIL 4, 2021 // Afua Cooper: My 30-year effort to bring Black studies to Canadian universities is still an upward battle (Afua Cooper)

FEBRUARY 25, 2021 // Celebrating STEM programs paving the way for Black Youth in Canada (Actua) 

FEBRUARY 24. 2021 // Being Black on campus: Why students, staff and faculty say universities are failing them (Asha Tomlinson, Lisa Mayor, Nazim Baksh)

FEBRUARY 8, 2021 // Black History: How racism in Ontario schools today is connected to a history of segregation (Funké Aladejebi)

FEBRUARY 6, 2021 // The Black Student Experience in Canada (Black Students' Caucus)

DECEMBER 4, 2020 // VIDEO: Schooling the System with Dr. Funke Aladejebi (McMaster Humanities)

OCTOBER 28, 2020 // Bridging the gap between Black students and corporate Canada (John Dujay)

OCTOBER 19, 2020 // Canada’s racist Ivy League: The virulence of McGill’s anti-Black problem (Rachel Zellars)

AUGUST 28, 2020 // Teens Give Advice On How Canadian Schools Can Fight Anti-Black Racism (Valerie Howes) 

JULY 2, 2020 // How anti-Black racism on Canadian university campuses robs us all (Kristin Moriah)

JUNE 22, 2020 // Black Students Still Face ‘Toxic’ Racism Despite Decades Of ‘Solutions’ In Ontario (Sherina Harris)

FEBRUARY 23, 2020 // Opinion: Black students aren’t dropping out of schools — they’re being pushed out: Systemic racial inequities at play with educational outcomes (Beverly Teng)

AUGUST 7, 2019 // The growing field of Black Canadian studies (Angelyn Francis) 

FEBRUARY 5, 2019 // Toronto's Africentric school draws consistent praise — so why is enrolment flagging? (Nick Boisvert)

MAY 1, 2018 // Black students still face major hurdles getting into university (Sonia Verma)

NOVEMBER 29, 2017 // Canadian Education Is Steeped in Anti-Black Racism (Robyn Maynard)

MARCH 1, 2016 // Canadian campuses have a racism problem (Sefanit Habtemariam and Sandy Hudson)


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