Here is a List of 50 Black Writers in Toronto

Here is a list of 50 Black writers in Toronto. Some are household names in the Black Toronto community--well known in Canada, in Africa,  and the Caribbean. Most of us are embedded into a life of writing...eternally. Most of us will continue to write, and create, and document, and share...because it's simply what we love to do. We are telling our Black Canadian stories. We are recording history.

These are only 50 of many Black writers in Toronto: published, self-published, and aspiring. These 50 were selected for this particular list, because they all graciously registered/presented in our annual Book Expo between the years 2014 and 2018.

Connect to their profiles, get to know their individual stories, and discover their books. Order one or two...because many of these writers are changing lives with their words, intelligence, creativity, and inspiration. Support this passion. Encourage this practice. Do take a moment and listen to what they have to say.

01) Adrian Sterling
02) Akwasi Afriyie

03) Allan Brentt Hood

04) Andree Nicole
05) Angela Walcott

06) Angelot Ndongmo

07) Ava Knight
08) Bernadette Hood

09) Breanna Chanelle

10) Dalton Higgins

11) Dane Swan

12) Guildford Joe Thomas

13) Jaden Amber Taylor

14) Janine Carrington

15) Jennylynd James

16) John Robinson Jr.

17) Josephine Casey

18) Kamilah Haywood

19) Karee Shea Walker

20) Kebrina Morgan

21) Kelvin Nyeusi Mawazo

22) Kwame Osei

23) Latania Christie

24) Lavern Lewis

25) Makini Smith

26) Mansa Musa -

27) Mathis Bailey

28) Marxxha

29) Matthew L. Taylor

30) Mutendei Nabutete

31) Nadine Chevolleau

32) Natalee Johnson

33) Ndija Anderson Yantha

34) Olive Rose Steele

35) Peter James

36) Randall Mitchell

37) Rebel Miller

38) Robert Small

39) Selwyn Jeffers

41) Simone DaCosta

42) Simone Walsh

43) Sophia Jackson

44) Stacey Ann Berry

45) Stacey Marie Robinson (me!)

46) Yolanda Marshall

47) Yusuf Abubakar ​

48) Jameel Davis (Honorary Torontonian, by way of Cleveland)

49) Jeffrey Lee Cheatham II (Honorary Torontonian, by way of Seattle) 

50) Wilmont St. Cyr (Honorary Torontonian, by way of Barbados)

Written by Stacey Marie Robinson for Kya Publishing's Blog.


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