"RUM FOR BREAKFAST" Fete in Jamaica...Who Needs Ackee & Saltfish?

If I could just settle in Kingston, Jamaica for a full month before the actual road march, I would. The weekly events at the Bacchanal Jamaica mas camp and affiliated venues keep tempting me, but unfortunately I must settle for watching online from Toronto, and living vicariously through my smartphone and media updates.

Bacchanal Jamaica director Nicholas Franklin stated that RFB was added to the band's event calendar this year to treat loyal supporters and first-time masqueraders alike to a fresh new concept and venue.

Thanks to the Bacchanal Jamaica team and also Jahnai Productions & Management Services for keeping us in the loop on the activities, festivities, and official recaps! Here's a few photos from the RUM FOR BREAKFAST fete  and premium all-inclusive festivities that took place on Saturday, March 17, 2018 at the Hope Zoo from 5a.m. to 12p.m., courtesy of our friends at Bacchanal Jamaica!

KINGSTON, JAMAICA (March 2018) - Patrick the Hype Man, DJ Private Ryan and DJ Cruise kept the Bacchanal Jamaica Rum for Breakfast party vibes high going into the afternoon last Saturday.

The party truly got off the ground just after 8a.m. when the critical mass started to roll into the venue. By now DJ Cruise had warmed up the crowd turning them over to Patrick and DJ Private Ryan who whipped them into a musical frenzy.

"This is the perfect lead up to the climax of the season and has primed our revelers to come out and finish off the season with energy and excitement,” said Michael McMorris Bacchanal Jamaica director.

RUM FOR BREAKFAST event photos via Bacchanal Jamaica: 

Have you seen this year's costumes for the road, from Bacchanal? Check out their website and prepare to fall in love!


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