The Legendary Sanchez Performs in Toronto

On Saturday, November 21, 2009 at the Sound Academy in Toronto, Humble Penny, 2 Lined Music Hut, and Keep it Moven Ent. brought Jamaican reggae artists Sanchez and Pinchers to Toronto, with home grown opening acts Kim Davis and Steele. The night was hosted by Jahmin, and featuring early musical vibes by the Riddim Track Master Spex, and Radication sound.

There is nothing like a good show and a grown crowd. People who love the music, love the energy...and can appreciate being around mature patrons who share the same passion for a solid live performance. It's nice to see couples stepping out dressed to impress, bubbling the night away and lifting their hands in recognition of the classic songs they have been listening to for nearly two decades--songs that have provided the soundtrack to many events and day to day experiences.

To show support for an artist like Sanchez is a courtesy, a way of saying thank you for being a consistently inspirational artist. For contributing numerous songs to reggae culture that seem to never ever get old. There are few artists that have reached this status, where no matter where or when their songs are played...they are received warmly by everyone. Sanchez (aka Kevin Anthony Jackson) is one of those notorious artists who is loved by many, and rightfully so.

Time has done nothing to that voice. While other performers get noticibly weaker, lazier and lose their fire as years pass, this man was still sounding (and looking) like he was in his prime. The Chronic Band were also on point, backing him flawlessly throughout the night.

I unfortunately missed the intro performances of Steele and Kim Davis, but was able to take in Pinchers. Now with all due respect to Pinchers and the contributions he has made to reggae music..."Bandelero" was the big tune that everyone was looking forward to hearing from him. He went through his entire repertoire, sang some familiar classics...some not so familiar songs (in their entirety, verse after verse!)...and then when he had about 30 seconds left of his performance, gave the eager audience about 2 lines of "Bandelero"...then ran off stage and ended his set.

I'm all for dramatic effect, build up, anticipation, etc...but I do believe he should have brought "Bandelero" in all its glory. Not even the verses we all love to hear and sing: "Now him come lick de pelico..." None of that. "But I just drink the tequila..." Nope.

My video of Pinchers (briefly) performing "Bandelero"

So that was extremely anticlimactic to say the least...but his voice was still strong, skin still looked young and fresh, and he gave his all to his half hour performance.

Here are a few video clips from the night (visually interrupted by the occasional gun finger and raised hand around me, my apologies)...please enjoy!

"Here I Am"

"Missing You Now"

"Frenzy/Never Diss The Man"

"Down By The River"

"Amazing Grace"

"Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone"

"Gospel Medley" (Yup! He took us to church!!)

"Jamaican National Anthem"

I love my city. I love the people and energy here. I welcome you to check out my "Urban Toronto Tales" novel collection, stories about the live YOU live, available @


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